Next Steps for FSU Outdoor Rink


Since this post was first published, we received assistance on how to guide university bureaucracy.

The FSU Ice Rink Club is up and running, but it has to complete the boring stuff before fundraising can start.

The members are working toward creating a formal proposal and operations manual to do a seasonal rink before fundraising can start.

This is likely a two-year project. Hope to have updates soon!

We’re making progress on getting a small rink on Frostburg State’s campus, and this week will be about getting more students involved.

FSU Rink AerialWe’re going to go for a 50×100 rink and we are proposing it be located on the Stadium Gravel Lot. This lot is outside of our PE Center, beside the baseball field and across from the student center. This parking lot became a makeshift lot after construction staging, so Athletics folks will be happy to have that space blocked off and made useful.

Students are coming back into town this weekend, so this week will be about getting them together and form a student organization that can receive funding from the Student Government Association and get an account set up for donations.

How can you help?

While we are seeking internal funding, we know we need to raise money for both the rink and rental skates.

If you are interested in donating cash, we are in the process of setting up an account with the FSU Foundation  to do so. The money will go toward rink materials, acquiring rental skates and seating.

If you are wanting to donate ice skates or any other materials or supplies, please reach out to me through the comments here. Your donation can be made in-kind through the FSU Foundation, and I can assist in completing the necessary paperwork.

From here on out, I’ll post major updates about the rink here but the daily planning can be found here in the Frostburg Ice Rink group on Facebook.


Bringing an Ice Rink to Frostburg…Hopefully

You have to start somewhere, and I figured I might as well get the momentum going.

Now that I’m settled in at Frostburg State University as an employee, I feel comfortable being involved with projects that makes the campus buzz. It helps strengthen my connection to the campus and community and gives me something else to think about at work.

I’m seeking a grant at FSU to bring a seasonal outdoor ice rink to the campus. There are a lot of moving parts, but I won’t stop until it comes.

If I don’t get a grant that could be awarded this fall, then I have to wait until next June to hear the results of another grant.

What you’re here for at this blog is to be involved the grassroots movement.

I need volunteers for construction, operations and acquisition of donated ice skates for skate rental. I need to know more about the folks who will use this. I primarily want students, faculty and staff to use this. Though if it’s cold enough in December and January between semesters, I’d see about opening it up to the community.

Here’s what I can tell you:

  • The rink will be unrefrigerated. If you know someone with money to buy a 12-ton chiller and a better rink system, tell me. But we’re going au natural.
  • The rink will either be 48′ x 96′, 60’x 80′ or 50’x 100′
  • That size depends on location. I’m still in talks trying to find an agreeable location.

This both excites and scares me. The scary part is not knowing what Mother Nature will do. Two winters ago was frigid as can be. Last winter dumped over three feet of snow.

As well as hoping to acquire enough skates for people who need to rent skates.

The exciting part is seeing this rink filled, seeing people enjoy ice skating and hockey in Allegany County again. I don’t know too many students at FSU who will make the drive to Wisp Resort in McHenry just for ice skating in the winter. This helps make it more accessible for them or else that’s an 80-minute roundtrip drive plus at least 60-90 minutes of skating. That’s a three-plus hour excursion that’ll be hard to do on a school night. And a lot of students don’t have cars up here either.

I hope to share more news soon about the progress of this project.

In the meantime, take this survey about your opinions concerning an ice rink at FSU:

And if you’d like to help or donate to the cause, please leave a comment.