North Central Recreation Center to be used to ‘maximum potential’

Expect to see more activity at the North Central Recreation Center’s ice rink in 2016.

New General Manager Steve St. John e-mailed me after seeing my message to Cambria County Commissioners of suggestions for activities at the rink saying that the community ice rink will be busier.

“I would like to tell you things will be handled much differently going forward,” St. John wrote. “I plan to utilize the facility to its maximum potential. You should see changes as soon as I can make a few moves after the first of the year.”

I’d like to celebrate but will reserve judgment when I see the results. He at least seems determined and receptive to suggestions and change, which is partially why he was brought in to take over. The other reason being SMG lost its contract to an Idaho arena to a competing company, so St. John was effectively without a job there.



5 thoughts on “North Central Recreation Center to be used to ‘maximum potential’

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  4. Sorry to resurrect an old post, but I just moved to Ebensburg from Pittsburgh. I have seen few to no improvements in the issues you have discussed about NCRC. I have an 8 year old and would love to get him involved in hockey. I guess I might have to go to Altoona or JOhnstown, considering the only public skates include father/son (i am his mother) time or public skate beginning at 8 PM. As he gets older and I have a bit more time perhaps I will try to get involved rather than just complaining, but right now I am up to my ears daily due to moving and now working remotely and having to “prove” myself while working from home.

  5. No worries. I think whatever they initially planned had to be drastically reworked because just a few months after this is when the owners of Planet Ice in Johnstown said they were closing. So, that basically forced existing programs in Johnstown to go to the Ebensburg rink with a few going to the War Memorial.

    I agree in that I don’t understand why all stick times have to be father/son. I don’t have a child and would rather just show up to a stick time and just shoot the puck around.

    Altoona’s rink is nice and really, there’s a lot around it to make dropping a kid off easy. There’s a major shopping center right down the street, it’s beside a water park and a minor league baseball stadium and just go around the bend, and you’re at the mall.

    Altoona’s rink, Galactic Ice will also have a Come Try Hockey For Free session on Saturday, Nov. 12 from 10 to 11 a.m., for kids 4-9. To register, visit

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