The Ducks are getting a new scoreboard

I’m surprised a team in California still has a scoreboard like this. Not a bad one but out of date considering the leap to all-HD scoreboards. The Ducks’ soon-to-be old board looks exactly like the old screen at Verizon Center in DC.


It won’t be quite as big as the behemoths in Tampa or Denver, but the Anaheim Ducks are still pretty excited about the new scoreboard that will be hanging in the Honda Center next season.

From the club:

The new scoreboard screens will measure nearly 20-feet-tall and over 30-feet-wide, and feature a display area more than four times the square footage of what the arena currently operates. The six millimeter diode equipped hardware will feature 912 by 1440 lines of resolution, the clearest and highest definition picture available in any North American venue.

Here’s what the current scoreboard looks like:

source: Getty Images

Hence, the upgrade.

“We could not be more pleased to make this announcement knowing this upgrade will take the Anaheim Ducks live game experience to a new level,” said arena and club executive Tim Ryan.

“With a much larger video display area and superior HD quality video and…

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