No Boyle-for-Boyle jersey swap, Lightning fans

New Lightning forward Brian Boyle will wear No. 11 instead of No. 22 this season for the team.

New Lightning forward Brian Boyle will wear No. 11 instead of No. 22 this season for the team.

Update: Thanks to this Sportsnet feature published June 8, shares that his No. 11 in Tampa means a lot to him. He wears it for his late friend Corey Griffin, he told Sportsnet. Griffin wore No. 11 throughout his hockey career.

They both played together at Boston College and Corey helped spur the Ice Bucket Challenge sensation dedicated to mutual friend Pete Frates.

Griffin jumped into the ocean from a roof of a ice cream shop and died in August 2014, according to the Boston Globe, right before Lightning training camp as Boyle readied to join a new team.

Original: This isn’t exactly like Mike Commodore not wanting to wear No. 64 for Commodore 64 when he was with the Red Wings, but it’s close.

New Lightning forward Brian Boyle, acquired from the Rangers, will not be wearing his No. 22—the same sweater new Ranger and former Bolt Dan Boyle had during his time in Tampa Bay.

Both the Lightning’s official roster shows Boyle listed as No. 11 and in a video posted Tuesday by the Lightning. This will come as bad news for uniform watchers, sweater geeks and equal opportunity Boyle lovers. Also, for fans looking to save $150 on a new sweater.

But you know, it never truly was going to work. Dan Boyle was shipped out to San Jose before the Lightning unveiled the new sweaters. Maybe you could get away with it and it’ll be like an inside joke for the fans, but that hope is gone.

In other number moves, Anton Stralman will wear Sami Salo’s No. 6, as the Bolts have shown, Brenden Morrow will keep No. 10 and Jason Garrison will wear Mattias Ohlund’s No. 5. At this point, you’d have better luck making a change to that Salo jersey.

The real question is now, who works for 22?


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