Fan has unrealistic expectations selling replica Lightning Stanley Cup ring


This replica Stanley Cup ring being sold on Craigslist is definitely not worth $399. Not even $20, really.

The second-best schedule released by any sports team is the promotional schedule. Heck, it might even be the superior schedule.

At least when I watched the Orioles lose in the most ugliest way possible against the Rays on Saturday, I got a free Evan Longoria bobble head that has him rocking out on a drum set.

Some time after the Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the St. Petersburg Times gave fans replica Stanley Cup rings. I didn’t live here during the time, but I can’t imagine they were handed out until either a parade or until after the lockout season. 

I’m sure they were special, and maybe even so the 10th-anniversary rings handed out this year at an event on the plaza. 

By no means are they worth $400. An overeager Craigslist seller in Sarasota listed his replica ring for $399 on Monday. Not even a gemstone to be found and heck, it’s not even in the plastic packaging. The very, very classic plastic packaging that has the Times hawking subscriptions in exchange for arena food and merchandise credit.

A sucker is really born every minute and this one is probably the tops. Greedy Lightning fans/collectors on eBay are trying to sell their replica rings handed out this year from $40 to $70 on eBay. One person decided to up the sucker-ness and put the ring in a Luccite cube so it can fetch $175.

If you want to check out the real deal, The Boston Globe has a great interactive graphic on 50 years of NHL championship rings. Someone should tell Dave Andreychuk because his own non-profit foundation website doesn’t even show the actual ring. It’s some gold version with what appears to be a blue sapphire. I’m not a gemologist or jewelry nut, so feel free to correct me.

At least this guy doesn’t hide the fact that it’s a replica. Well, kind of. He doesn’t come out and says it, just that it was provided to fans from a newspaper who once had its name on the arena.

The collection of goalie helmets being sold in Sarasota may feel a bit overpriced, but compared to $399 for a toy probably made overseas, that’s a deal.


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