Marty St. Louis revisits roller coaster year (Bygone Bolts)

Martin St Louis Lightning

Martin St. Louis used to play for the Tampa Bay Lightning until he threw a tantrum. Photo by Charles Schelle

Your former Lightning captain checked in with his new team, the New York Rangers, and pretty much wrapped up everything in a tidy six minutes, trying to move on past the trade itself.

Part I of the interview goes over some personal points for the former Lightning captain, talking about the importance of the Mothers Day win, how he grew closer to his teammates and how he started training earlier so he could take some vacations. That last part is thanks to him being part of a mid-June run for the Stanley Cup that didn’t quite finish the way he hoped.

For whatever reason, Part II of the interview is hard to find on the site, so here it is. It yields the more interesting tidbits of the interview. summarized parts of both interviews, including this part about how having Dan Boyle on the Rangers is as important for his dad since Mr. St. Louis is close friends with Mr. Boyle. It’s a touching part about coping and the importance of friends:

[Dan’s] parents are really close to my parents,” Martin St. Louis told Jim Cerny of in a lengthy interview published Thursday. “I think my dad was really excited to have some close friends come on the team, I guess. Obviously with what he’s gone through, I think that’s going to help him tremendously this next year to have these close friends to him close.

Also in the second part, St. Louis, he said how he would try to catch Boyle’s games on TV.

“Watching him from a distance, you understand what he brings to the game and I look forward to be able to work with him again,” St. Louis told Blueshirts United.

Both were undrafted, came into the NHL–Boyle with the Panthers, St. Louis with Calgary–before coming on board with the Bolts, St. Louis pointed out.

Cerny finished up with asking him considering all the championships and awards, what keeps him going in his career:

“My motivation is to win. To be able to win here on an Original Six team in New York, it would be a great ending to my career. I’m going to focus on that, and this is the time where you get to prepare yourself to be ready for that challenge.

“As we know, it’s a tough, it’s a long year, and the work you put in the summer really sets  yourself up of how you want to play this year. Teams, you need good starts. Individually, you need good starts. You really have to focus on the things that are going to make you do that. So, I try to do that and put my time in during the summer and get ready for another big year.”

It’s nice to hear interviews with St. Louis that starts to move on from the trade and what led up to it because frankly, Lightning fans have long needed to move on.

Asides from the content itself, I’m impressed with how comfortable St. Louis looks in this offseason interview with Jim Cerny. I really like the set used of arena seats at the Rangers’ training complex, and this type of informal interview is greatly missed on the Lightning site. We get some of it from the bloggers roundtable, but not from the players themselves.

I always think there could be more in terms of content on the Lightning site, and I’d be happy to provide it. But some of it includes minor tweaks—full-length press conferences and more post-game interviews.

The master in the hockey biz at doing these is Mike Vogel, who keeps the players in Washington relaxed while keeping a professional tone. I miss his running mate Brett Leonhardt in these interviews, but the man realized his dreams and showed that he could be more than a video editor in the media department and actually be a video coach in the NHL.


Marty’s teammate Dominic Moore had a strong showing for his Smashfest ping-pong tourney raising $140,000 for concussion and rare cancer research. You know it’s huge when Harry Potter shows up. NHLPA

In another mid-summer interview, Brad Richards tells Blackhawks media and fans to hold up on penciling him in as Patrick Kane’s second-line center. Bob Verdi | Chicago Blackhawks

Cory Sarich, a former Lightning defenseman, ended up sustaining broken vertebrae in a serious cycling accident and is expected to leave the hospital soon.  Mike Brehm | USA Today

Retired goalie Mathieu Garon will join the list of instructors for the Lightning Made hockey camps. @LightningMade | Twitter

While this isn’t former Lightning news, I wanted to fit this in about Jeff Vinik’s team laying out a timeline for the redevelopment of Channelside. The more cross-promotion and use between the Tampa Bay Times Forum and Chanelside, the better. Good to hear that some programming and improvements will be made immediately before the structure is reworked. Richard Mullins | Tampa Tribune

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