Lightning Links: Morrow says hello; Dandy Declan

As the summer drags on, the tropical rains move in but Lightning news is in bit of a drought.

This is why both beat reporters for the Bolts are on vacation.

As for me, I’ll be glued to my laptop a bit more for the next two weeks as I’m out with a lower-body injury. Basically, always remember to wear shower sandals. After playing Sunday night in Clearwater, I finished up my shower and as I stepped up on the tile ledge, another guy was coming back to use the toilet. I slipped, caught my foot on the edge of this channel where water is flushed through to clean, and sliced my foot. It was a great time to finally visit my doctor I’ve been meaning to see and get that tetanus shot.

Here’s the latest batch of links on players who earn legitimate injuries:






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