Going back to Cally, Cally, Cally

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Fans and media buzzed Wednesday morning with the Tampa Bay Lightning both announced locking Ryan Callahan to a deal and buying out Ryan Malone.

Maybe not so much the second item.

No matter what team was going to sign Callahan, they were probably going to overpay when looking at this stat sheet. He’s not expected to put up 40 goals, 82 games played is a wish but he keeps his nose clean except when going to the net. Something Malone could have learned.

Callahan’s six-year, $34.8 million deal will carry an annual average value of $5.8 million, reported Tampa Tribune’s Erik Erlendsson. Fans balked at the price on Twitter, especially after the Los Angeles Kings said they nailed down Marian Gaborik for a seven-year deal that averages $4.87 million a year. The extra year could skew that average, plus we don’t know the year-to-year structure and any back-diving.

A power forward making bank who’s oft-injured should sound familiar to the Bolts because they just bought that man out. Ryan Malone was signed to a seven-year contract with the Bolts that had an average annual value and cap hit of $4.5 million. The first three years paid Bugsy $6 million (!!!), then $5.5 million, $3 million and ended with $2.5 million for this year and next year.

Obviously the team didn’t get leadership in that package deal. Just a well tanned party boy, it turns out. Really, it’s more horrific seeing that Malone made about the same as Gaborik will in his new deal. It’s all about winning the Cup at the right time to cash in.

What I’m saying is that there is hope that this $5.8 million is worth it if the intangibles can equal out the rest.  He clearly wanted to be here, especially because he didn’t even enter the courting period for other teams to contact him, he told the Tampa Bay Times:

“It was really important,” Callahan said. “To have that security — not for me, but for the family and for the kids. Nobody likes to be uprooted and move in the middle of the season.”

That is saying more than that man who he was traded for. I’ll take that deal any day.














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