Will Andreychuk ever get the call to the Hall of Fame? (Lightning Links)

For being the offseason, the Lightning are sure generating a lot of pixels and print with free agents, surprise free agents, a new schedule, awards and the draft.

In the case of the Hockey Hall of Fame nominees expected to be announced Monday, it is the absence of such mentions that Lightning fans should be paying attention to.

Scott Radley, a columnist for The Hamilton Spectator newspaper in Ontario, wonders if Lightning vice president of fans Dave Andreychuk will ever get the call to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

This would be the sixth year he could miss out and Radley thinks that it should be Mike Modano’s time to wait:

He played 1,499 National Hockey League games. That’s impressive. It’s nearly as many as Andreychuk’s even more-impressive 1,639.

In those games, Modano scored 561 goals. Which are almost comparable to Andreychuk’s 640.

Modano collected 121 goals on the power play. Which is a fantastic career total. Until you put it beside Andreychuk’s record 274.

Modano had a 50-goal season. That makes him elite. That said, Andreychuk had a 53-goal season. Plus two seasons with more than 40 goals, something Modano never did.

Modano’s best year was a wonderful 93-point campaign, one of two 90-plus years he had. Andreychuk also had two seasons above 90. Though for the record, his best was 99.

Modano won a Stanley Cup, though Buffalo Sabres fans might still argue the validity of his Dallas Stars’ 1999 toe-in-the-crease win. Andreychuk won a Stanley Cup, as well. Interestingly, his came while he was serving as team captain and acknowledged inspirational leader of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

When Andreychuk was waived by the Lightning in 2006, he couldn’t bring himself to say he would retire. But at least he knew when it was his time as opposed to Modano overstaying his welcome.




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