Don Cherry: Tampa’s defensive coverage a joke

Embed from Getty Images

The Lightning look lost in this series navigating the neutral zone, trying to get to the offensive zone if they ever make it that far, or how to get back to their own zone and find the right man.

The first goal tonight saw all five guys shift over to the boards and leave Danny Briere wide open to pump one past Anders Lindback, who was pulled after a third goal.

Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner on CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada” gave a good bit of attention of the breakdown:

“Look in front of the net! Look in front of the net! Not a soul! If he stands in front of the the puck comes right to them. IT’s absolutely ridiculous the way they’re coached now.  There’s always a guy in front of the net.

“Five guys on one side! And you’re wondering why they’re going out the first round. It makes you a joke. It’s an absolute joke.”

Cherry revisited Lindback getting pulled, Stamkos getting hit in the head and plans to talk about him missing Martin St. Louis later.

The Lightning were down 3-1 at the start of the third but quickly tied it as I tried to type this up. Let’s see if they can complete the comeback.



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