Welcome to Hockey Nuts & Bolts

Anders Lindback

Anders Lindback during ’13-’14 training camp. Who knew he’d be relevant again? Photo by Charles Schelle

Well hey there hockey nut!

Welcome to Hockey Nuts & Bolts, a blog where nonsense and analysis merge along with the occasional discussion about Tampa Bay Lightning hockey.

This is designed to be much more than a place to talk about pro hockey, and instead a place where playing, watching and consuming hockey merge with the aim that all pucks pass through Tampa Bay. You’ll find a few posts here and there about hockey in Maryland or a trip I’ll take to an arena here and there just because it’s where I’m from, and I’m finding some parallels between the Lightning’s current resurgence as a franchise compared to the days when Ted Leonsis took the Caps through a rebuild that not only reshaped the team on the ice, but reinvigorated the Caps brand, filling the building and making the fan experience one of the most interactive and appealing in the league. (Oooh. Good idea for a future post.)

So, what am I doing here?

I moved to Sarasota, Fla., from Hagerstown, Md., in 2011 for a job and to keep my transition feel normal, I continue to play beer league hockey down here. I’ve played goal since I was 13 and as I’m approaching 30, my knee is having me skate out more.

At the same time, follow the Capitals isn’t as easy anymore, and what the Lighting are doing on and off the ice (save for Ryan Malone) has motivated me to connect more with my new home and adopt the Lightning more as my team. It’s hard to completely let go of the Caps, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100 percent converted. I have a friend back in Maryland with New Jersey roots finding himself spending time rooting for the Caps while keeping tabs on the Devils, but you know, it’s kinda easier to go see a Devils home game driving from Rockville than it is seeing the Caps at the Verizon Center driving from the Gulf of Mexico.

I’ve been a journalist for nine years and work doesn’t pay me to write what I think about hockey, so here we are. (I promise the site will look better as soon as I spring a few bucks to pay for the upgrades. But good content and basic design outweighs fancy widgets all the day.) If my current or future employer changes their mind and will pay me to dish about pucks, then hey, we’re all winners.

Thanks for reading, being the thunder and allowing me to entertain you.


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